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Company profile

The Tolnagro Group is a leading veterinary company group in Hungary, based in 1996 in Szekszárd by the merger of two successful distributors of veterinary medicines in Southern Transdanubia, Tolnavet Ltd. And Agrovet Ltd. The primary goal of the family business, which has been operating for more than 20 years, was to create a partner-centric company. The Tolnagro Group's creed conveys to the outside world nothing more than reliability, speed and innovative solutions. We are convinced, that we are primarily professionals, secondarily traders, and we want to convey this message to our customers as well.
Our goal is for all of our clients to come to mind first when it comes to veterinary medicine. We consider it important that our customers see a safe point in us. We place the satisfaction of our customers first and keep our Partners fully informed of the latest happenings, news and changes, as we know best how indispensable a reliable business partner is, especially when it comes to veterinary medicine and the health of our pets.
We currently have a total storage capacity of 19,500 m2 and a cooling capacity of 425 square meters, which allows the distribution of vaccines and diagnostics, as well as other products to be stored at low temperatures, in a closed cold chain.
We fulfill the orders of our Partners within 24 hours, which we deliver with 65 regular round trips per week, our own fleet of 25 trucks. We also provide emergency delivery to our contracted Partners within 8 hours.
It is extremely important for us to sell only quality products, and we also undertake the distribution of all services and service products that do not belong to our field of activity, but increase the quality and value of the service and thus serve the satisfaction of our Oartners. They can get almost everything in quality.
We provide our customers with a full range of veterinary medicines and vaccines, disinfectants, vitamins, veterinary biocides, tools, bandages, instruments, equipment, as well as dog cat food and equipment found in Hungary today.


Our customers are veterinarians, veterinary pharmacies, pharmacies, as well as animal keepers and large agricultural holdings (pig, cattle farms, rabbit farms, poultry farms and feed mixers).
The Tolnagro Group's customers include Hungary's largest pig, poultry and cattle farmers. We are proud to be able to contribute to our success.