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Primavet Produkt Animal Health Ltd.

In November 2012, our manufacturing plant moved to our location on Gumigyár Street in Budapest. The idea of setting up our own production site arose in the then owners in order to include the products in contract manufacturing under their own production. After obtaining all the necessary permits (HACCP, GMP) in the factory hall, the production started, which included a significant amount of contract production in addition to our own products. About us


Our initial 5 plant parts were expanded with an additional unit last year, so currently the following plant parts serve the productions.

About us

From July 2019, as a member of the Tolnagro group of companies, we will continue on the path of development under the name Primavet Produkt Animal Health Ltd.


Research and development



Creating documentation for new products

Contract manufacturing


Tolnagro Group

The headquarters of Tolnagro Ltd. is located in Szekszárd, one of the most conveniently located cities in Southern Transdanubia. From our center, our shipments can easily and quickly reach any point in the Country.



Our initial 5 workshops were expanded with an additional unit last year, so currently the following workshops serve the productions:

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Care products

  • General and special shampoos, Medicinal preparations, Balms, Sprays, Eye and ear cleanser


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Primavet Produkt Ltd.

H-1108 Budapest, Gumigyár street 5-7.
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 16:30 pm